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The desert

Under the light of Du

Pointy Joe
18 August
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Hi! %^_^% I'm Studphish and this is my Secret Garden. If there's one thing you should know about me is that I'm a vegykin. If you don't know what those are, um, LOL, I guess that's what this poem is for! It's not ment to be like, literally. Just something for u to think about, ya know, like the bible. Another thing you may have noticed is the colors. Sorry, I have a lot of old memories on my soul so it's hard to use JUSt people words sometimes. LOL Anyway, don't say it doesn't rhyme becase 1. You don't own art and 2. It does rhyme with a vegykin accent. Try reading a book sometimes.

the blended soul; inspiration in the desert

A cactus who once was a man,
Just awoke with his feet in the sand,
"I can't feel by boot;"
Didn't know it's a root,
As he could not feel it in hand.

He knew all too soon it was day,
With that blighting sun crashing away,
"Something's differen't this time,"
He thought with a rhyme,
"I'm reacting most peculurally."

It takes quite some time to adjust,
When your world is insaned with one thrust,
He remembers his lives,
And knows that he died,
"So now I must do what I must."

But his body knew just what to do,
You don't think about yours much, do you?
Using sunlight so warm,
And some water from storms,
Plus the droppings from birds that go "Hoo."

When his flowering tops finally burst,
He knew he had just given birth,
So he just watched all day,
As they floated away,
And his meat side just made him feel worse.

It's sad when a plant has been torn,
From it's roots by a 4X4 Ford.
It's quite a surprise,
Life flash's before eyes,
And "Oh crap, I'm about to be born!"